Ad Rant — Nissan Hype Train

I’m a failure at abiding to the standards of simplicity that I seek. Using three words where one will do. Sentences exploding with unnecessary words and inflating content to craft poetry where simple prose works. It’s fun through right? Art!

Advertising suffers from this too, where commercials are more about digital effects than helping customers buy. I feel like I’m watching a movie rather that understanding the sales or service value.

Take the latest round of Nissan commercials with their snowman conquering, giant tree avoiding, mud-monster tackling line up. These are some of the most over-hyped, absurdly uninformative commercials I’ve seen. A consumer uses criteria to make a decision, and this generally involves car specifications. Watching these commercials I learn nothing about performance, ratings, options or even value. I can’t relate to fighting snowmen. Even if the commercials are done well, they don’t persuade me.

Strip away everything unnecessary and see what remains. Remove the snowmen, the screaming people, downed powerlines and scared family. We’re left with a snowy road, waiting family and bright red SUV. This portrait shows that in terrible conditions a family feels comfortable in a sophisticated vehicle. There, isn’t that enough?

These Nissan commercials are a hype train, simple as that. Using superhero storylines to appeal to a new generation of car buyers. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe these commercials have impacted sales. I worry though about brands becoming self-absorbed and loving their own smell so much they forget that they’re trying to appeal to buyers.

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