Opportunity Stories: Martin Tobias

The Opportunity for All Coalition is lifting up the voices of our neighbors against an income tax that is illegal, unnecessary and unwanted. This tax is just a stepping stone to a more expansive state wide income tax that will effect all Washingtonians.

Martin is a life-long Seattle resident. As an investor and entrepreneur, he has invested in over 75 companies in the Seattle area. Martin also started 3 high-growth companies of his own, which, over the last 10 years, have hired over 1500 people and raised over $500 million in the Seattle area. “I grew up in Seattle and I love this city,” says Martin. “I chose Seattle to start my businesses because we can attract amazing talent from around the world. But we should understand that other cities are working every day to attract the kind of businesses and talent that Seattle currently has. This income tax will hurt our ability to remain competitive.”

The Opportunity for ALL Coalition is a non-profit 501c4 organization whose mission is to support a legal challenge to the recently passed Seattle income tax.