Please Sir, May I Say A Few Words About Rape Culture?
Caitlin Johnstone

I am familiar with Eric Draitser’s work, having followed him him at CounterPunch and on social media for years now. He has always been snarky and condescending, though at least, once upon a time, he was solid on the issues.

That began to change about a year ago. After several years of working to expose the lies on Syria and Ukraine — just as you’re still doing now — he suddenly decided to a adopt a more “nuanced” position on both issues, in effect, drawing a moral equivalence between Kiev-Nazis and Donbass defenders, as well as between head-chopping takfiri terrorists and Syrians fighting for their homeland.

Then, after Trump was elected, Draitser went completely ape-shit. He began ranting a raving about how ‘Duganites’ were overrunning the internet, and co-opting anti-imperialism for their own nefarious purposes. It got so bad that I began deliberately trolling him on FB until he cut me off. I don’t miss him.

BTW, Caity: what does ‘neg’ mean? I tried looking it up in the dictionary, but couldn’t find it. Is this an Antipodeanism? Is it a regional variant of ‘nag’ perhaps? Just curious …

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