For The Record, Jill Stein Would Have Made A Great President
Caitlin Johnstone

I voted Green last year, largely as a protest. But I will never vote for Jill Stein again. After droning on and on about the importance of ‘Demexit’, she turns right around — the day after the election! — and proposes a recount ONLY in states that narrowly went for Trump. She claims she was fighting ballot fraud, but if so, why didn’t she ALSO demand a recount in states narrowly won by Hellary? And where did all this money for the recount suddenly come from? As I recall, it was more than she raised during the campaign! Was Jill secretly fronting for Soros? And after all that, did she even get a thank-you from the DNC for her hard work on their behalf? No, of course not! They’re still busy blaming Jill for Hellary’s defeat. Pathetic ..

No, I lost all respect for Jill right there and will never vote for her again.

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