That Time You Decided To Draw For 24 Hours

My wife and daughter are Ukrainian, which makes me an honorary Ukrainian. With the conflict in Ukraine came thoughts of kids just like my three-year-old caught in the crossfire. Caught up in something they shouldn’t be. Trapped by their geography, and by the whims of men. Thinking about those kids through the time in which this conflict has progressed, I kept feeling like there was something I should be doing. Something I should be saying.

But I’m a writer without an enormous audience. I’m a children’s fiction writer just starting out. I had a kernel of an idea that I might be able to raise some money with my art, but who was going to buy it? Who knew who I was?

Those are still valid questions.

But I’m not worried about it. That kernel turned into a full-fledged cockamamie scheme, and I turned that scheme into a fundraising campaign.

With a video

And now, while I still don’t know if it’ll succeed, I know that I’m doing something. It’s something that doesn’t involve guns, or violence. It’s something that has the potential to help a lot of displaced kids and young mothers who are caught up in the violence.

And it’s something that you can help me with.

Hug your sons. Hug your daughters. Kiss your parents.

Thanks for reading.

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