Introducing Pilcrow House: A place in Philadelphia for interesting ideas

I’d like to introduce you to Pilcrow House.

Based in Philadelphia, Pilcrow House is a place for interesting ideas.

For now, that means events that welcome thinkers and authors in politics, business, culture, sports, and media to have long-form conversations with attendees and interviewers.

Pilcrow House has two goals:

  • Provide a space for the discussion of interesting ideas that increase our understanding of the modern world.
  • Introduce thoughtful and curious people to one another in real life.

Its name comes from the paragraph symbol, also known as the “pilcrow” which marks the start of a new idea or thought in writing. (Branding by the smart people at Philadelphia’s Heads of State). It’s an attempt at slowing down and countering the frenetic pace of news, opinion, and analysis we find online with something more human.

One day, Pilcrow House will hopefully be a physical space that is home to more than just events. But a community doesn’t need a physical space to thrive at first. So the next several months Pilcrow House will be hosting small events all around Philadelphia.

Attend the first two:

November 29th @ 6 p.m. Scott Belsky, Founder of Behance and Chief Product Officer at Adobe will join us for a conversation about his book The Messy Middle in Northern Liberties.

Businesses that “exit” or get funded get so much attention. But a new ethos is arriving, one that acknowledges that success isn’t a straight line and it’s often not glamorous. Tickets available here.


January 10th @ 6p.m. Taylor Lorenz, staff writer for The Atlantic, will join us for a conversation about online culture, memes, and the info wars.

From our politics to mass shootings to video games — what happens online often becomes IRL. Knowing the language of online culture is a new (and important) kind of literacy. Tickets available here.


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If you’re at all interested in this idea, I’d love to treat you to a coffee, beer, or soft pretzel. Email me at to chat.