I wanted to write something about an animated short film project called DATASTREAMS that I probably won’t finish (at least not in its current form). Not finishing a film is often considered synonymous with not starting it, and I basically agree with that; but in this case the reason for abandoning the project had less to do with a lack of motivation, and more to do with the world around the project changing faster than I could keep up.

Cover image from Opal Waltz by Vincent Tsui

Making an ambitious animated film on your own is really hard. The stereotypes of animators working long, thankless hours alone in a room turn out to be mostly true when it comes to making personal projects. There are about a million practical and emotional roadblocks that will prevent you from completing the project. I chronicled some of my personal hurdles producing an independent short in a previous blog post. At the end of that process, I was interested in what others’ experience was like producing short films on their own outside of any support system.

In addition to making films…

Everything by Everyone

Cover image by Stamper

I recently had the opportunity to host and co-curate a screening of films from the pre-Youtube era of Newgrounds.com (along with Kirsten Lepore, Nicolas Ménard, Tom Mannino (Evilzug) & Tom Fulp, the creator of Newgrounds). The screening took place in November 2014 at The Cinefamily as part of the Animation Breakdown festival. Many thanks to Jeanette Bonds for supporting the idea of the screening and making everything happen behind the scenes. I’ve collected my favorite films from the screening along with my introduction to give some overall context:

Newgrounds.com was the first site on the Internet…

Sean Buckelew

Animator based in California / Programmer at GLAS Animation Festival

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