Sean Buckelew
May 22, 2017 · 27 min read

The Concept

The height of technology in 2006 from DATASTREAMS
from Life 2.0 (dir. Jason Spingarn-Koff, 2010).
Edward Snowden in Citizenfour (dir. Laura Poitras, 2014).
“I see you” Avatar (dir. James Cameron, 2009)
The #1 influence for the film: The ballroom dance FMV cutscene from Final Fantasy VIII
The Secret Door
Inspiration can come from anywhere (Titanic, dir. James Cameron, 1995)


First storyboard pass in a crappy notebook.
Selections from the first animatic pass.
Storyboards getting closer to rough animation keyframes
Early logo for the Mosaic browser, inspiration for the functionality of the door.
Costume designs by Isabelle Aspin
Final costume designs
Shii’s Song, one of the best early Flash films, featuring the Giko cat! I dare you to watch this and not cry.
A surprisingly late addition to the film, the resident skybar cocktail master: Doggy T. Husk
New storyboards being drawn on the fly inside a shot late in production. As the film got further along, it felt like getting to the final stages of completing a puzzle, the pieces you needed to complete the image becoming more and more apparent.

The Live Action Shoot

Live action shots that were cut from the final film

The Interface

The giant block of chat text in Flash

Download the .PSD and .FLA assets for the OS interface

Uploaded under a fake name in case the video came to haunt me

The Look

Two very different types of movement for two characters
Rough animation on a complicated shot with lots of layered limbs
Lifting and tracing to make complex inbetweening much easier in four easy steps
Final “raw material” animation coming out of Flash

The Technique

Animating really big, planning the camera move in Flash with a white 1920X1080 rectangle
Balcony background — Flash view
.swfs dropped into After Effects with a blown out background
Giant raw photo background
Reflections are added into a single comp that is flipped with reduced opacity
How the final look should appear in the After Effects panel
Fully illuminated with a light blue overlay
Magic Bullet Looks — Diffusion control panel
Smeary light effects to augment firework explosiions
Noise and texture added to create the final image
Watercolor texture on “overlay” across the entire image

Download the entire project folder here

The Music

The Release

AIM profile for SumrEvryDay
50 Smiley Portraits
A sampling of some of my favorite Smileys
The Official Lovestreams Keyboard Decal

The Conclusion

Sean Buckelew

Written by

Animator based in California / Programmer at GLAS Animation Festival

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