Jony, My Heart is Still Yours…

Oh it was so exciting. Liberating even. I’d been with Apple for so long it was getting boring. Plus, like most teenagers 15 years younger, my screen was cracked. And here it is, the Note 7 coming out months before the iPhone. A stylus and rounded edges and water resistant. The possibilities.

Too bad it all (proverbially) blew up in my face.

If I’m being honest, though, it started off great. It was fun and different. I felt more productive. More organized. Even turning in the Note and getting a Pixel wasn’t too bad, all things considered.

Android is great for customization, multi tasking, and I found I LOVED the static back button. But what I missed were possibly the most important features in a device — battery and convenience. You don’t know how many places wifi bails you out sending an iMessage until you go back to regular SMS. I got dumped and had to start going on the Tinder and I knew I was ‘that guy’ with green bubbles. Probably why I’m still single…

So I’m all back, with an iPhone and iPad running basically on Google apps. All is right again

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