Dear Generation Me

Once a upon a time I used to consider myself as part of your generation. I’m 27 years old and tech savy and believe in a lot liberal ideals that most people consider believe in . I believe gender ,color , religion doesn't really matter at all. As long as you are a productive and are a good person that’s all that counts.

Then somewhere down the line our generation entered a war , a hidden war but a war non the less.

When people started disregarding religion a new one has taken its place . Ideology a movement where people want to feel they are contributing to a better place .

That’s a good start but its the dogmatic approach people started becoming which has started making online look like Times Square with all the End of the World crazies screaming the Apocalypse is coming next Month.

As a guy we have been thrown a new list of labels now . Cis ? privileged despite being from a family of immigrants who moved to America during the 1980s before moving back to Ireland in 1999.

Should we bothering with these extra labels at all ? The world has enough problems . What we don’t have is potential solutions. We created safe spaces and Trigger words instead of having a conversation . I have seen videos on the protests with fake smeared blood and heckling student journalists . But this isn't solving anything . Your using the same tactics that the people your trying to change or fight are using . This just creates hate and fear . Using terms like privilege , rape culture , and trigger words your enforcing a world of fear that no matter what you it wont matter. And on the other side is creating a opposition . Like with Minions you see on social media the people who don’t believe in your views go from annoyed to hate because they will get sick of views being shoved down their throats.

That defeats the goal . So next time you write your blog or go into a rant . Remember this have a dialogue if you want to bring up those terms try seeing both sides of a coin and discuss points with people of opposite opinions even if its difficult.

The only way to resolve any world problem — war, death, rape , gender issues etc is to discuss it properly but not all the time . Religion and ideology are great things it gives us hope , it gives us new perspectives but just don’t give other people headaches.