App Creation for Citizen Science

InCitizen Science is using the general public to collect information for scienctists. This is helpful since it allows a lot of information to come without expending a bunch of resources. With this in mind I made a paper fidelity prototype of an app I call WILD.

Example of the kinds of data that could be collected

It is app for the purpose of giving scientists an idea of the patterns of animals in terms of location, time, and whatever else the user provides. WILD allows you to post pictures and tag the location, time, species, and give a brief description of the animal captured within the photo.

Also there is a rarity feature that gives other users the ability to first verify that they agree upon the animal’s special and then rate its rarity along with the tradition like and comment features.

In doing this I used the app POP which is for making what are traditionally paper prototypes come a bit more to life by allowing you to take a photo of what you want a certain screen to look like an then placing tags embedded in the screen that can link you from screen to screen.

I imagine that migration patterns especially in regards to animals that are misplaced is a concern for many not just for scientific purposes. Since WILD would allow the user to take the location, time, and species of the animal that could prove useful in studying where say certain bears have been found or even studying the rising population of domestic housecats which have been a problem in regards to the falling population of songbirds that are eaten by them.

I liked this project because it allowed me to give an idea some tangability to it. The low difficulty of POP made the experience quick and easy. In a workplace setting there is generally a time crunch. So having something easy and quick to test your ideas out with greatly helps you cast some light onto some of the improvements. Otherwise many resources could be expended for essentially no reason.

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