Why FinTech Collective led a $50m equity round into NYDIG

It’s not often as an investor or an operator that you have the opportunity to build something measured in the trillions. The institutional adoption of digital assets represents that scale of an opportunity.

If investors allocate just 200bps of the $73tn of professionally managed assets in the world to Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other “crypto majors,” the institutionally-held digital asset class will cross $1.5tn¹.

We have hit an inflection point in the building blocks required for institutional participation in the digital asset class. As the attributes of digital assets become fully appreciated, we expect that over the next decade:

  • Financial institutions…

A fintech VC’s case for the end of Industrial-era finance

Decentralized finance, otherwise known as DeFi, sits at the intersection of financial products and services with decentralized networks and open protocols. The implications of DeFi will be pronounced across both developed and emerging markets.

  • In developed markets, DeFi will provide greater choice to consumers, strip out costs from the legacy financial system, and bring greater liquidity and product innovation to capital markets.
  • In emerging and frontier markets, DeFi will provide a more secure store of value and bring banking-style services to the 1.7 billion adults who lack access to any formal financial system.

At FinTech Collective, we believe that DeFi…

The start of the MBA journey in August 2014

I can’t think of any other way to better sum up the past two years at Columbia Business School.

I started work at a fintech focused venture capital firm the day after graduation. A bit ahead of schedule, this allowed me some very quick perspective on what might have been the most “valuable” parts of my Columbia MBA. I felt compelled to share my perspective as I usually hear the same trite reasons recited for why to get a MBA. Too often, it misses the mark.

Even Columbia Business School itself is not great at pitching or capturing the true

My Buddy and I (circa 1994)

Today would have been been my dad’s 64th birthday. I wrote these words to speak about him right after his passing nearly two years ago. The note has remained completely untouched on my iPhone since then. I realized I didn’t have the strength to actually re-read the words until his birthday today. Surprisingly, doing so provided a sense of relief and perspective I haven’t felt in a long while. Maybe it also helps other who have struggled to put in place a loss of a loved one or friend. …

Exactly 7 years ago today, the WSJ published the famous headline “How Low Can Stocks Go?” Of course, that day would also mark the day the stock market would ultimately bottom post the Great Recession.

Often in job interviews throughout the years (usually when interviewing outside of pure finance roles), the first question I get asked is what it was what like to sit in front of red screens all day through the 2008 financial collapse. The short answer — it was pretty fucking scary. …

Sean Lippel

Venture Capital and Crypto Investor @ FinTech Collective. MBA @ Columbia Business School, BBA @ UMich. Former poker player, i-banker, and entrepreneur.

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