The #1 Way To Get Users For Your MVP

You Need To Focus

The Best Method For Getting Early Users

The Scenario

To get super-specific on the step-by-step, I'm presenting this method with the assumption you use LinkedIn as your professional profile. If you instead rely on a site like AngelList or Product Hunt, or keep in touch through other social media platforms, the principles and tasks will still apply but the names of buttons, fields, and the specific clicks required to get the job done will differ.

Step 1 - Setup For Success

Step 2 - Update Your Profile

Step 3 - Start Building Your List

Tip: print a copy of each profile to PDF for an offline reference on each person. You can quickly go back and gather missing information without looking like a LinkedIn stalker.

Step 4 - Keep Building That List!

• Intermission •

Step 5 - Risk Management

Step 6 - How To Get Any Email Address In The World

Hey, {First Name}! I've been working on a new project and I remember you were the best {Job Role} back at {Company}. I'd love to get your opinion on what I'm doing. I'll {owe you a coffee/buy you a beer/take your sister out on that date I promised her in high school}. What's your email? Mine's {Email}.

{First name}, how do you know {Target Person}? {S/he} and I {met/worked together} at {project/company}. {S/he} was a really fantastic {Job Role}. I'd love to get {Her/His} opinion on a project I'm working on. Mind sharing {Her/His} email with me? I reached out on LinkedIn but I think {S/he} has notifications disabled.

Step 7 - Creating Excitement

{First name}! As a {Job Role} at {Company}, I know you spend a ton of time on the problem of {problem}. I'm building a new app called {App Name} that lets you do {Thing 1} and {Thing 2}. I'm letting a few early users in totally free. No spam, no BS. Reply back with a "HELL YES!" for early access!

Step 8 - Welcome, Users!

Tip: in place of removing people from your list complete, consider cutting their row from the spreadsheet and pasting them into another spreadsheet called "Round2". For anyone in the Round2 spreadsheet, wait 30 days and try again.

Crossing The Finish Line



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