Topical Jokes Entry #7

In these posts, I’ll be writing jokes based on recent news events. I’ll be posting them to force myself to keep going with it as I’ve had problems with writing consistently in the past. For a more detailed version of why I’m doing this, go here:


Donald Trump is set to leave for a three week holiday in New Jersey. Presidents and Prime Ministers vacationing has always raised eyebrows. As if they aren’t to rest until there is no one homeless, crime has been eradicated and everyone is prosperous. They are human after all even if it’s hard to remember that sometimes. Trump has attracted further criticism for his previous comments regarding holidays. In his book ‘Think Like A Billionaire’, he urged the reader not to take vacations. He was critical of Barack Obama for playing golf and taking holidays, which is probably why the White House have said that he is to take a ‘working vacation’. Whatever that means. Maybe he will make controversial statements from beside a swimming pool. If he is tired it’s probably from tweeting too much. It is said that over half of Americans don’t take their annual holiday entitlement for fear of losing their jobs. Obviously, we all need a break every once in a while so perhaps the President is leading by example,; urging his public, through his actions, to take their leisure time for their health. Obviously Trump is taking his holiday so isn’t worrying about losing his job. Because he won’t get voted out on the basis of the vacations he takes when you consider the fact that he got elected despite the comments he made about women.