How the Apple Watch is like a garage door opener

Automatic garage door openers. They’re totally unnecessary. It takes less than a minute longer to just get out and open the door.

The Apple Watch. It’s totally unnecessary. It takes a half a moment longer to take the iPhone out of your pocket and look at it.

So will Apple Watch be a hit?

Apple Watch, and watch wearables in general, will be as common as automatic garage door openers, which (in their shared demographic of first world suburbia) is very common. Because of that wasted moment. Over and over again every day.

Automatic garage door openers are a technology that merge invisibly into the background — always there, always working. This is the natural trajectory of technology and Apple Watch is a move in that direction.

And just like the wrist watch dominated the pocket watch in the 17th century because of wasted moments, so will the Apple Watch dominate its moment wasting alternatives too.

As long as Apple Watch doesn’t create extra wasted moments (like more than daily charging) then we’re looking at a logical next-step mega-hit.