US Presidential Candidates as Characters in Game of Thrones

Was chatting with my buddy about this last night, turns out there are a few of these lists floating around, nevertheless, here’s my take on the situation …

Hillary Clinton / Daenerys Targaryen

Our mother of dragons, HRC should sit on the iron throne. No doubt, there is still a challenging journey ahead for our protagonist, but we all want to see her prevail.

Bernie Sanders / Ned Stark

Noble as fuck. They’re both solid dudes, and their only fault is being too honorable.

Paul Ryan / Little Finger

Both say they don’t want the throne, and no one believes that.

Jeb Bush / Stannis Baratheon

Tragic. Neither lived up to their brother’s (rather uninspiring) legacy.

Ted Cruz / High Sparrow

They scare the shit out of me.

Elizabeth Warren / Arya Stark

We are all rooting for them! Brave, kickass, and ruthless, these two rock so damn hard.

Trump / Melisandre

The wall is made of smoke.

Wall Street / The Iron Bank

Regardless of who sits atop the throne, they still get paid.