Why I’ve converted to Samsung & Android

As an Apple lifer, I consider myself a technologist but also always curious. For this reason I’ve regularly braved Android, but the dalliance has always been painful and within days I would move back to my comfort nest of iPhone.

However, I tried Samsung’s S7 a few months back and I have to admit that I’m now a convert. I wanted to share a few lessons as a result of really giving my Samsung (and Android) a chance.

  1. Build Quality

My Samsung does remarkable things. Waterproof, incredible screen, but it does not feel as robust as an iPhone. This is the only category iPhone still wins imo.

2. Camera

Just incredible. The new iPhone 7 is losing all camera reviews to an older Samsung.

3. iTunes

Obvious to many but not to me, I only recently discovered iTunes on Android! iTunes is regularly cited by iPhone users as a reason to stay 'loyal’.

4. A True File System

More control of your files & OS isn’t a bad thing. And of course, the ability to extend your memory with SD cards is a basic right all consumers should have. How Apple have got away without supporting this for so long astounds me.

5. SMS the way you want

We still receive SMS' but who actually reads them? The fact that Android have allowed apps to take control (with your permission) of text messages is awesome. My Facebook Messenger manages my texts and now I actually read them!

6. Better Inter-App Compatibility

Share almost anything seamlessly on WhatsApp, Twitter or other apps. Gone are the days of cut n paste to share data between apps.

I’m still a huge Apple fan. The iPhone remains a remarkable achievement, but Android has caught up & Samsung has helped them do that. I’m officially a full convert.

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