The Only Two Things You Need To Succeed (in Fitness)

How would you feel if you could stick to an exercise plan for more than a few week? Getting started is the fun part. You buy new gym cloths, tell all your friends about the new 21 day program you found online (it said you would get a flat stomach!!) and get started.

But what if you could actually follow through with it, finish the entire challenge and then keep going? Because let’s be honest, 21 days won’t do much in terms of giving you abs. Plus, by the end of the program, you’re drained from working out every day and really just feel like lying on the couch with a bag of Doritos.

What went wrong? Why can some people stick to a long term training plan, and you can’t? What’s the secret to success?

The one quick fix

We live in a world where instant gratification is king. Nothing comes soon enough. Pharmaceutical companies sell us magic pills to cure all ailments RIGHT NOW, while we get impatient when the chef takes 20 minutes to cook our meal.

Information is being thrown at us constantly, making us think that everything can be obtained quickly, will little to no effort. But then we run into a pickle: our bodies don’t work this way. Our body adapts slowly.

We’re smart! But the problem is that even though our brains have made phenomenal leaps in terms of progress and technology, the reality is that our bodies are still stuck in stone-age mode.

What you truly need to succeed

I wish I could make this practical and easy to implement. But like many good things in life, it’s won’t happen this way. It’s simple! But not easy.

The only two things you need to reach your fitness goals are patience and consistency.

You need to be patient and realize that your body takes time to change. You can’t lose 20lbs over night.

You also need to be consistent in your efforts, because that’s what your body responds to. The body needs consistent, repeated input (i.e workout/diet) in order to change.

Your body is happy where it is. It doesn’t want to change. It’s your job to kick it out of it’s slumber, forcing it to become what you want it to be.

No magic pill will do this for you.

No 21 day program will do this for you.

Start by embracing the fact that this process takes time. Start small, and do a little bit more every day.

If I told you to eat an elephant in one sitting, could you do it?

Tough challenge..
What if we could cut this elephant into sugar-cube sized pieces, and you simply ate one piece each day, coud you do it?

Take action

Now it’s your turn! Be sure to leave a comment below and write down the smallest step you can take TODAY to move you closer to your goals.

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