Victoria and David Beckham’s 17-year Wedding Anniversary

One celebrity marriage that appears to be defying statistics is that of Victoria and David Beckham. Just a few weeks ago the British couple celebrated their 17-year wedding anniversary! If you are like us, you too would have been shocked to discover that this much time has passed.

Now with four children, as the years roll by, it appears that the ‘Beckham’ marriage keeps growing from strength to strength. But it only seems yesterday that every magazine cover across the globe were pasted with pictures of the extravagant wedding.

Over the years, with much visual evidence, the style of Victoria Beckham has evolved dramatically, turning into the refined, fashion icon she is today. But if we take a look back at all those years ago it is hard to imagine that she would come so far. The Beckham’s wedding was true to Victoria’s style all that time ago, anything but understated and modest. In fact, they were labelled the Royal couple with images of them taken on their day sitting in what appears to be a Royal throne. David wore all white and Victoria wore nothing less than an oversize “Cinderalla” style gown with a bodice and, of course, a tiara. It was one of the most expensive and lavish weddings the world has seen to date.

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