Microservices and IoT

Microservices are hard. They represent a shift in thinking about how you build, scale and maintain microservices based systems in production. Even the term “microservices” can feel misleading–they are not necessarily “micro” in size, and should ideally be just big enough for the job they do. There is a Swedish word that exactly describes this, Lagom, not too big, not too small. Though they aren’t very advanced on an individual basis, microservices provide great value as a cohesive system that is based on decoupling, cross-team collaboration and ease of operation. IoT is also upon us and the amount of data becoming available will be impossible to deal with if not for streaming and Fast Data tools such as Akka, Apache Spark, Apache Flink and Apache Kafka, but where does fast data fit in? When do you lean on your microservices vs your Fast Data pipelines and how to they fit together? If you need advice on best practices, tools and mentorship, let me and/or Lightbend help you sort this out.

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