Each Central Division Team’s Number One Priority Heading into the Off-Season

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Cleveland Cavaliers: Continue To Bolster Their Depth

As long as LeBron James is a Cavalier the team is by far the favorite to win the Eastern Conference. The team has done a tremendous job building around their core three of LeBron, Kyrie, and Kevin Love. The team needs to continue to do so by adding players willing to take less money to try and win a championship.

Milwaukee Bucks: Find a Starting Center

Despite the botched signing of Greg Monroe a few off-seasons ago, the Bucks have managed to emerge as one of the few teams that could potentially challenge the Cavaliers for years to come. But even so, the team still needs to address the center position. All season long the Bucks lacked a competent center. Serge Ibaka is a perfect fit for the Bucks. Not only does he fit their offensive scheme, but he also fits in perfectly with their young athletic core.

Indiana Pacers: Make a Decision Regarding Paul George

Whether they trade him or try to make one last run at convincing him to stay, the Pacers need to make a decision regarding Paul George. If they feel they cannot convince him to re-sign after the season then they must look to trade him. You cannot let a talented player like Paul George walkaway without recouping some sort of asset.

Chicago Bulls: Make a Decision Regarding Jimmy Butler

Similarly to the Pacers, the Bulls need to figure out their future. Whether that means trading Jimmy Butler or trying to convince him to re-sign after the season, the Bulls have to make a decision. They are essentially in no-man’s land. Sure Dwyane Wade played above expectations last season, but can you really bank on that for next year? How competitive can you really be with the current makeup of the team?

Detroit Pistons: Upgrade the Point Guard Position

Calling the Reggie Jackson signing a disaster would be an understatement. Not only was he among the worst point guards in terms of efficiency last season, but reports also state that Stan Van Gundy, the team’s president and head coach, was not on speaking terms with Jackson at the end of the season. An upgrade to the position is an absolute must for the Pistons. The NBA is a point guard driven league, and teams without a functional point guard have no shot at contending for a playoff spot.