Three Takeaways from Yesterday’s NFL games

  1. The Patriots are light years better than every other team in the NFL.

At 7–1 the Patriots are heading into the bye week as the definitive best team in the NFL. They are light years ahead of every other team in the NFL. Their offense has been as dynamic as ever; with an abundance of targets for Tom Brady to throw to, opposing defenses have looked lost. No longer are the only reliable targets Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman. LaGarrette Blount is having a career year. He’s on pace to rush for a career high in yards and touchdowns. He’s also on pace for a career high in carries.

Since Tom Brady returned in week four, no team has scored more points, gained more yards, or played more efficient than the Patriots’ offense. On the defensive side of the football, the Patriots have been extremely underrated. They may not rank among the top defenses in terms of points allowed or yards allowed, but where they excel is in situational football. When it matters most the defense gets the job done, and that is a quality unique to a championship defense.

2. Derek Carr is a top five quarterback in the league.

Fantastic would be an understatement when describing the play of Derek Carr this season. Not only has he led the Raiders to their best eight game start (6–2) in over a decade, but he has also passed for the fifth most yards and third most touchdowns. His touchdown to interception ratio (17–3) is among the best in the NFL. With a sub-par running game and an underperforming defense, Carr has put this team on his back and hasn’t looked back. The team is 5–0 on the road.

Carr is not only putting up the stats of an elite quarterback, but he’s also showing the poise that of a veteran. He routinely hangs in the pocket in the face of opposing defenses, threads the needle between opposing defensive backs, and leads the team in a clutch manner at the end of games. The Raiders will make the playoffs this season and that will fall on the shoulders of Carr.

3. Tony Romo has played his last down as a Cowboy

If the first seven weeks of Dak Prescott’s career wasn’t enough to convince you that Tony Romo was done in Dallas, than week eight should be the final nail in Romo’s coffin. Prescott continued to play fantastic in the team’s sixth win of the season. He’s led the team to a 6–1 record, and on top of that has played outstanding.

Two nights ago, Prescott played with the poise of a veteran quarterback, leading the team on a game winning drive in overtime. He’s thrown for 1,773 yards and has a touchdown to interception ratio of 9–2. He’s taking care of the football, making the throws necessary to win games, and above all playing the game at an efficient level. Watching the film, Prescott doesn’t look like a rookie on the field, but rather a ten-year veteran. 
 With the young Prescott playing like an MVP combined with Romo’s recent injury history and old age, it’s only logical to conclude that Romo’s career in Dallas is over. It would be a colossal mistake for Romo to take the field for the Cowboys ever again.