Words, mean things, that we want them to mean and how we want them to mean. I saw an interesting thing the other day. It was interesting because it was unique to the moment, probably not unique to life. What I saw was pure uninterrupted happiness, for no apparent reason, smiles are contagious and lead to excellent endorphins released into your body which can lead to innovation!! Woot. Today we will be learning about another teaching model this time it’s a fancy acronym about teaching once again. This teaching model was brought to you by the fantastic Today we will be learning about the ADDIE Model. I will be talking about learning objectives today as well!!

This is a crash course… I am going through the basics and not teaching fully, basically breaking down the main ideas and telling you how I feel about them, if this IDEA i speak of sounds interesting to you there will be sources for you to further look into and learn about information below and if they aren’t there just PM me or do nothing idc.

ADDIE stands for Analyze, Design, Development, Implement and Evaluate. Okay so what I will be presenting you with is a widely used teaching method called ADDIE. The First step is to Analyze, so those learning objectives I just spoke to you about (in my previous blog), we are going to be putting them to the test so to speak. You have an idea of what you want to teach (learning objective) now you need to define who it is you are going to be teaching said information too. After this step is done get a general idea of the essentials, your timeframe, budget and scope (which is your delivery method). You are well on your way to becoming a teacher.

Next stop Design, Now that you have an idea of what it is you will be teaching and to who; start to focus on the amount of time you have to teach this information. Continue to structure a course around this time limit you are given (this is not something I can teach you… you are smart, but you have what you want to teach start with that and google or something). Begin to break up your learning objectives into segments throughout the timeline of your total course so that you can create quizzes (it is easier to teach little by little than all at the same time.). This is your time to create visuals to help you teach (ie powerpoints, story boards), the most important thing in teaching is to keep your students engaged.

What you have pretty powerpoints now? Okay so lets Develop these powerpoints into something further, take your content and begin to establish a way to communicate it as effective as possible. Write out your programming so that it can clearly be identified. Meaning you have an idea of what it is you are doing and where it is going (ie a deliverable). Implement that course you created, teach, teach and teach. Hand out quizzes or tests when you adequately planned for your students to be ready. Wa-la you tought something get your tests, grade and Evaluate your teachings. These tests are specifically for you to identify where you need to make changes in your teaching methods, because you can quantify where students are having difficulties and vice versa. Re-evaluate yourself after every assessment. ADDIE is a constantly revolving cycle! So continue the ADDIE process forever (as there is no such thing as perfection and always room to learn and grow!).