No Mas 2: Conor vs. Floyd

‘More like one in a million’… ‘So you’re telling me there’s a chance!’ This quote from ‘Dumb and Dumber’ sums up the odds for Conor McGregor in the upcoming bout with Floyd Mayweather that is dominating the fight world, right or wrong. Yes he has a chance, as any excellent athlete who can punch does in the ring, but that’s about it. This August 26 the two will box, at 154 pounds, wearing 10 oz gloves. My guess is Conor walks around at a heavier weight and will have that in his favour, I can see him weighing something like 170 on fight night to Floyd’s 155ish. Mayweather has shown he can handle men of Conor’s size, like Canelo, so I don’t think size is going to be much of a factor, certainly not as much of a factor as the fact that, unlike Canelo, Conor cannot box.

How do I know? I watched him spar on youtube, where Conor looks like a rank amateur (which is what he is) against fringe contenders. Nobody is sure how hard anyone was going in his sparring rounds with Chris Van Heerden, but it didn’t look like Conor was having much fun… he couldn’t land and was being hit at will… sparring someone whom Floyd would have absolutely no trouble with.

Meanwhile Floyd has handily beaten the top boxers in the boxing world. An aged De La Hoya? Check. JuanMa Marquez, Shane Mosley, Miguel Cotto, Diego Corrales? Check, check, check, check. The list goes on. And make no mistake, the boxing world is deep and truly worldwide, which is not to scoff at the mma talent pool, but useful perspective on the competition level faced and the winnowing process that led to the ascendance of the phenomenal athletes Floyd has beaten.

The only way I see Conor having a shot is by fouling Floyd without being detected. Fighting dirty, with a compliant referee (is Tony Weeks available?)

Frankly, even if Floyd breaks a hand in the first round, he can still outpoint McGregor, he is simply too fast, too hard to hit, even at the age of 40. In fact this fight would be more interesting to me if Floyd could use only one hand. The way I see this fight going is like No Mas 2. Floyd playing the role of Sugar Ray Leonard and absolutely toying with a hapless McGregor, who will rush around and try and clinch, to no avail, having no end of trouble with Floyd’s movement and stepping into the jab every time he’s in range. I think it will be dull, but I will watch, who are we kidding? I don’t think Floyd can get a stunning knockout as I hear he has issues with his hands and is losing power as he ages, besides, Conor has a pretty good chin. However, for the sake of making it interesting, here is my prediction: Floyd wins when Conor retires after 8 rounds of punishment with nothing to show for it.

What do you think will go down in Vegas this August? Also let me know if you are interested in watching this, as I may order it on PPV and have people over for a bbq fight night.

Thanks for reading.

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