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Autumn 2020

As we enter autumn, it feels like COVID has warped our sense of time, sucking the bliss out of each successive season, and blending the usual fun into one long stretch of quarantine and carryout. Add heatwaves, fires, and an unusually active hurricane season, and most will agree this past summer may not have been our best. But there still were some distinct, memorable summer oceanographic highlights. (Not to mention Discovery Channel nobly went ahead with Shark Week.) In this quarter’s Deep Dive, we’ll feature the latest from Seatrec and other ocean news — including seismic discoveries.

🌊What’s Happening at Seatrec

During the summer, we managed to transcend the heat and lousy AQI and gained significant momentum. We entered new partnerships, made media waves, grew our product offerings, expanded our team, and even launched our cool new website. …



Makers of thermal #energy harvesting systems that create #electricity from temperature differences in deep #ocean waters to power #floats and #gliders.

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