AMA I am A Data Engineer— Ask Me Anything About Data Science and Data Engineering


Data has so many different facets and specialties in the 21st century it can be difficult to know all the solutions and techniques. We wanted to work on developing videos that answers your questions. They can be anything data related. They might even be problems you are having at work that you need a quick consultation on. We would love to provide new perspective on whatever problems you are facing.

Whether the questions are high level topics like design, strategy and management or low level questions such as programming problems.

Some example questions could be like…

How have you developed a model or algorithm that deals with problem x?

What programming language do you use for your data science work, what about for data engineering?

What are good practices for designing a model or a data pipeline?

What is even the difference between data science and data engineering?

Base on the questions we receive we will be creating videos where we respond. If the questions are out of our depth then we will look into finding experts in the subject and bringing them on.

So let us know your questions and we will work to make sure we answer them! Fill out the form below to ask a question. We will email you if we get to it.