Sign Up For A Free Data Analytics Process Webinar

By Benjamin Rogojan

Are you new to data analytics? Perhaps you just want to improve your data analytics process. We want to walk you through the basic steps for analyzing data. This will involve concepts like defining a problem and asking good questions with tools like SQL and Python.

Our team noticed that not everyone has a data analytics framework. Having some form of process or framework when you analyze data can help improve your output as well as increase your efficiency.

Our team will be hosting a walk through process for data analytics on March 9 2019 at 10 AM PT. Please sign up below. Contact us if you have any questions!


Ben Rogojan

Ben has spent his career focused on all forms of data. He has focused on developing algorithms to detect fraud, reduce patient readmission and redesign insurance provider policy to help reduce the overall cost of healthcare. He has also helped develop analytics for marketing and IT operations in order to optimize limited resources such as employees and budget. Ben privately consults on data science and engineering problems both solo as well as with a company called Acheron Analytics. He has experience both working hands-on with technical problems as well as helping leadership teams develop strategies to maximize their data.

A Quick Video From Ben