The Struggle And Reflections Of Being A Content Creator

A Personal Reflection Of My Last Few Months

Jul 17 · 4 min read
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It’s 6:59AM, somehow my body once again decides to wake up 2 minutes before my alarm is set to ring. For a minute I try to convince myself that I still have plenty of time to close my eyes for just one more precious moment of sleep.

But after about 30 seconds I give in to the fact that I have to go to work.

But before heading off to my content is doing. Pulling my laptop up to my bed I head over to medium to see how many notifications I had received overnight.


Only 50 notifications, what happened?

Just two weeks ago if I didn’t check medium for over 8 hours I would easily have 100+ notifications, but now the high of feeling important has left. No longer do I feel the validation of people agreeing with my opinions and insights. Even my clap rate per post has seemed to dwindle.

Instead of 500+ per post, my last few posts have barely gone over 70 people clapping.

A part of me feels heavy and slightly unfulfilled.

Looking around at some of the other writers I follow, I am slightly stressed. Their most recent pieces have hundreds maybe even thousands of people clapping.

One of my pieces just broke 1000 last week and that took time.

Am I doing something wrong? Am I just a terrible content creator?

Content Creation Is An Experimental Process And I Sometimes Hate It

My first post to reach a substantial number of people were my interview guide posts. There was nothing creative about them. Truthfully, they were just a collection of questions and videos that I had used to study for various interviews. Across all three of my main interview posts, I have received 2000 claps! But I can’t ride off interviews themed posts forever.

My next very popular post was a riff off of a riff.

I had taken a similar approach that the Techlead does to some of his video content and made an overly sarcastic post called the 7 Effective Habits Of Effective Programmers. Obviously, the Techlead borrowed the idea from Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Is this creativity?

Since then I have struggled to create a post that seems to resonate with my audience. It becomes disheartening pretty quickly when even getting past 1000 views seems impossible.

Maybe everyone else is struggling too?

Of course..that’s what you feel like until you read their posts.

Comparison Is A Game That You Will Never Win

Comparison is an unfair game. It will eat at you and never be satisfied. Once you finally do pass that arbitrary benchmark, you will just notice someone else with more than you. They will have a nicer car, more followers, bigger muscles, or better clothes. The cycle will truly never end.

Jealously and envy can quickly bring down your creativity. Coveting the success of another content creator or person doesn’t help you write better. If anything, it probably hampers it.

We should be getting inspired by other great creators. Their work should fill us with new ideas, rather than with envy and malice.

We can all do well if we want, but if we are stuck feeling bad for ourselves because we can’t write, then we will more than likely continue to fail. So don’t let comparison bring you down.

Competition Is Good! But Also Intimidating

I noticed recently that mayuko joined Mediums ranks! I have personally enjoyed watching her content and Youtube. It is actually really exciting to see someone who constantly produces high quality content jump into the fray. With her comes the possibility of subscribers and twitter followers that might also become medium readers.

That’s great because it means more readers for all of us..but it also results in more competition.

A part of me feels slightly concerned because I wonder if my stuff will stay relevant, but another part of me knows it’s how the world turns. We could cry and say it’s unfair or realize that competition pushes us to create better and better content.

I mostly produce content to drive traffic to my consulting services. However, recently I started trying to develop it for a broader audience. With that comes the stress and constant desire to appease the people. Sometimes your pieces work, other times they stink.

Thanks to everyone who sticks around along the way!


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