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As 2020 comes to a close, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on all the changes in technology as well as look to see where things are going.

Whether you are looking at startups and their IPOs, improvements in technology, or you paid attention to Amazon re:Invent, we…

2021 has proven a busy year for those who had started a consulting company that focused on data engineering or data science a few years back. At least, thats the notion I got from all of my partners who also consult and or freelance.

Companies are looking for experts.


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Are you considering becoming a data engineer? If so, you’ve made a good choice.

Data engineers are data professionals that are tasked with creating and maintaining complex systems that are capable of collecting, storing, and analyzing big data for companies.

We play a vital role in nearly every industry, so…

It’s becoming difficult to keep track of all the new data warehouse solutions that are trying to challenge the current incumbents.

Choosing the best data warehouse to meet the needs and objectives of your operation is a crucial component of your business strategy. …


Apache Airflow is a popular open-source tool that helps teams create, schedule, and monitor sequences of tasks, known as “workflows.”

In particular, data engineers utilize Airflow to help manage a lot of their data pipelines due to its ability to easily deploy and manage complex tasks in what is…

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Whether you agree with them or not, technical interviews require plenty of preparation. There are a number of subjects that need to be covered in order to ensure you are ready for back-to-back questions on data structures and algorithms, system design, ETL design, statistics, programming, and machine learning. …

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The modern data stack (MDS) is a new approach to data integration capable of saving your engineers time while allowing both engineers and analysts to focus on high-value pursuits. With a suite of tools to support data integration, the modern data stack will free your teams of monotony while empowering…

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After years of gaining all that relevant experience, you’ve finally reached a phase where you’re ready to take on a management role. The accomplishments you’ve achieved as a Software Engineer (SWE) have taught you that there are still many opportunities for you to advance in your chosen profession.

However, transitioning…

Even small companies these days on average have 47.81 terabytes of data that they manage. Regardless if you’re a small company or a trillion-dollar behemoth, data is driving decisions. But as data ecosystems become more complex, having the right tools for the job is important.

One modern data management tool…

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Being a data engineer can be both challenging and rewarding. But it’s not always easy to break into this part of the tech field.

Data engineering in itself is such a broad term filled with tools, buzzwords and ambiguous roles.

This can make it very difficult for developers and prospective…


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