The mayor I was rooting for has been making harmful decisions— possibly in violation of the law — hurting our most vulnerable neighbors.

Soon-to-be-Chief Carmen Best (left) and Mayor Jenny Durkan (right) - July 17, 2018. (photo courtesy of the author’s crappy phone)

In the fall of 2017, Seattle’s contest to elect our next mayor was the last thing I wanted to talk about. Nearly all of my friends were…

Annotated readings of online dating profiles

So I swiped my way onto the dating profile of an exceptionally attractive woman…

“Artist [cool], musician [hot], mother [lovely], monogamous [I’m ready]. Practicing witch [sure]. Prefer someone with knowledge of the occult [look, if you’re really 5’11”, then I can learn]. Not interested…

Feedback loops between our brains and the social media platforms we use are making us miserable, while also disincentivizing positive change… but there may be hope if we use Facebook with intention.

There may be hope for Facebook if used with intention.

I joined Facebook in May 2007. As a lazy email/letter writer I had, by then, lost contact with…

Sarah Mayes

Producer & Co-Host of By the Sound: Seattle’s community-invested podcast — General Manager of Ahoy Hoy! Media — politics nerd — mother of boys — trans princess

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