Get more attendees with easy tips!

More and more events are popping up all around the UK. People are out there wanting experiences whether it is monthly clubs, theatre shows or music performances. Gone are the days when people spent money on stuff, they now want to experience something. So why we hear you ask are my events still under selling? Why are people not attending in the numbers I expected?

Events have to be the best they can be in order to compete in the industry. Everyone knows that you cannot make it with small attendances and continue to put on events day in day out. Getting tickets sold and audiences full at every event is key to continued success.

SO what can you do to get more attendees at your events? Here are a few of our tips:

1. Data is king!

Knowing who has attended your event, whether they are a new customer or a loyal customer who has attended all your events is key. As an absolute minimum you should be able to spot who has been before and who is a newbie, that way you can target those people and make sure they stay continued fans or return again. Understanding where people have found you is also vital — find out from people through questionnaires, email marketing and polls where they are finding your events and boost the channels that don’t get people in the doors or drop them. Seaty puts your attendees information on your doorstep!

2. Only use tech you need

Don’t bother with loads of systems that probably don’t enhance your events or get you those all important attendees! If it isn’t bringing people to your door drop it. In the digital world all your systems should be streamlined and work for you. Everything is interconnected so there is no longer an excuse for multiple out of date systems. If your goal is to increase attendance, you need tech that makes your life easier. Most of the best tools are now completely browser based or mobile friendly* — you can access them on the go to change events, track attendees, download reports, update social media and email your attendees, why would you choose anything different?

Seaty removes the need of having a desktop system or manual data transfers it can be updated on the move, it is made for mobile & tablet and makes your life easier leaving you to run those events!

3. Make buying easy

One in 10 people abandon a buying process, in a competitive industry can you afford that to happen to your events? We see so many event pages that have had loads of time put in to them to make them perfect but the selling platform lets them down. Like anything online that our customers use, if there are two many steps involved we move on to an easier process.

Key things to make it easier for your attendees to buy tickets:

  • Simple payments — make it easy for people to pay for your tickets. This shouldn’t be more than choosing their tickets, adding any discounts & checking out. Why make it any harder?
  • Don’t hide fees — be upfront with your fees. If customers find them once they get to the checkout page they are more likely to leave the basket. Make sure they are aware it will make them more likely to commit.
  • Make discounts easy — having automatic discounts is a brilliant way to get your customers to get to the end of the sales process. Adding auto discounts on seats like a discount of 20% off a 6 seat purchase is perfect!


Getting attendees at your event is key to the success of it. Getting those attendees is all about efficiency and using the right tools to drive your customers from your marketing to buying a ticket. Use systems that allow you to have more time event planning and doing more for your customers. Choose a great system that can support your box office and make your life easier.

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Find out more information about Seaty here

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