3 Tips for building your MVP

The concept of building your MVP might be different depending on who is helping you to build it, and how much you know about working Lean.

Whether you have previously worked building MVP or not, you should bare in mind these tips:

  • Understand what is Lean development principles:
  • Eliminate waste
  • Amplify learning
  • Decide as late as possible
  • Deliver as fast as possible
  • Empower the team
  • Build integrity in
  • See the whole

If you are familiar with the Lean concept this is not new to you, however, I found many teams trying to build the MVP and losing the sight of this principles.

  • I strongly recommend to read Lean Startup (Eric Ries), and understand the concept of Build-Measure-Learn.
  • Bare in mind, what problem do you want to solve and from that, decide what will be your MVP.

Are you looking to build your MVP?

Let me know about your project!