How To Dress For Strength And Power

We humans are judged by other humans based on two characteristics. We are either seen as warm, or we are seen as strong. Being warm is another word for being compassionate, while being strong is your ability to set goals and achieve them. It is very rare to have a combination of both, but if you master the balance, you will be seen as incredible charismatic.
In this article I am going to address one concept only; how to be perceived as strong through your clothing. How do you dress in order to appear strong?

The short answer is.. formally. If you want to be perceived as strong, one of the best ways to portray yourself like that is by dressing formally. This means wearing formal clothing that are made out of formal colors, like black, white or blue. Here is a simple way to put it; if you want to appear strong, dress formally.

Now, there is one exception to this rule. There is one way you can get away with dressing informal and still look or appear strong. You can get away with it, IF you are an influential person. If you are influential or very wealthy, dressing informal can actually make you appear incredible strong. This is because dressing informally shows that you have all the confidence in the world that allows you to slack off. You are basically saying, “I am confident and successful, I don’t need to show that through my dress”. It is a powerful statement.

BUT, if you aren’t rich or famous, your best option is to just dress formally. Focus on dressing with style. That is your ticket to appearing strong in no time. Just a few tweaks and you can go from being seen as unconfident, to being strong and in control.

It is also worth mentioning that dressing well increases your mental well being. If you dress well, you will have greater levels of self-esteem and confidence. You will feel better about yourself and as a result, you will start acting more confidently and take more decisive action in the direction of your goals.

You therefore achieve two things with one action. Dressing formally will not only make other people see you as being strong and confident, but you will start adopting confident behaviors yourself. Dressing well, makes you feel well. That is the bottom line. The feedback loop will reinforce your confident behavior as people start to treat you as being a confident person.

It all starts with dress.