“You know the way things are and decide not to do anything about it.”

It happens before you express your true feelings in front of your crush, before you step on stage, and before the doctor starts speaking. You may have felt nervous before, but now it’s different. How close are you to living in the moment? Each second feels like an eternity, yet it passes. And when it’s all said and done, it’s gone. It’s like it was never there.

My friend told me the quote in a dream. Though it wasn’t real, it felt genuine and affected me greatly. As I awoke, I was feeling this exact way. It fascinates me how much a single scene in a dream can affect a person. It’s like a gateway to the realm of truth that you can’t step into yourself. Although it didn’t happen in the real world, I got emotional because of it, so it is no different for me.

Really precise memories from years ago make me wonder just how much we hide. A single scene in a dream has the potential to change your life. Is that not scary? You could argue that it would’ve happened sooner or later. After all, as long as it stays idle in the back of your mind, it has to come out eventually, right?

In my experience, looking back, I feel like a completely different person. Yet if a completely different version of me were to experience such a dream and that made him rethink all of his decisions, is there any point in there being two distinct versions if, after all, the result is the same?

In practice, this is never the case. If two people were to magically experience all that the world has to offer, I believe they would likely become the same person. But obviously, that is indeed impossible.

This way, finding your true self is an illusion. It can’t happen. There is no such thing. Because of your unique self and circumstances, everything about you has been shaped the way it is. This is why we should not be so stubborn about what we believe to be true. We are constantly changing. Although a previous version of yourself may indeed have felt a certain way, this does not imply that the same is true for your current version.

Due to change, everything eventually becomes outdated. Taking this with a grain of salt, every subjective opinion on a particular topic/idea/object should be dismissed after a certain period.



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