Producers Exposed Part 3

Hey guys, here’s “Producers Exposed Part 3”. My goal is to give feedback in public using public Soundcloud links so everyone can learn from it (hopefully). If you’re not familiar with this concept please check out Part 1 here and part 2 here. Thanks everyone for submitting their track again!

Let’s go!

#1 Jordan Schor — Moonlight

Jordan Schor — Moonlight

First play thought:

- Not catchy or special enough

- Sound sounds chaotic.

- Second break is a cool anthem.

- Drop is too repetitive, the melody and sound is not strong enough.

- Weird intro choice

The problem:

If you want such a melody on your drop try to find a better balance and go for more a top lead and make the bass sounds more sub or use a different melody line. For example listen to this track by Mike Williams to check how he did it. Without sounding too chaotic (his melody is quiet “alive”) he managed to deliver a clean track which people can easily listen to.

Your sounds are too aggressive/chaotic because there’s too much happening. There are too many layers going on in the same frequency spectrum.

The Fix:

Maybe create a better balance, split the bass sounds in a different melody (or simpler melody) instead of following the mean drop lead, remove some layers and make the melody more catchy or less “going all places”.

To create more space it could be also an idea to split the layers a bit more by moving up 1 layer one octave higher (12 notes) so they are not competing for the same main frequency ranges.

Overall it sounds too chaotic right now. Skip the first melody till 0:15 it’s confusing as well. Do you REALLY need that melody? Or should you use the first 0:15 to introduce the 0:15–00:30 melody? Maybe select a few notes, filter it down, put some effects on it etc.. Also the bassline sounds in the intro sounds too high pitched, maybe layer it with a sub or put it an octave lower. Or use lower notes. Personally I think there’s a specific frequency band which should be used for those kind of basslines. If everything is above 110–150hz then consider putting it an octave lower or use lower notes. A real bassline should sound low and not between bass and low-mids. Otherwise it’s just a misplaced lead. Of course there are no rules but I personally hate 110–130hz bassline notes.

Also the first break could be more a real break. It’s too quiet now so it’s not really clear if something is happening and then suddenly the climax starts. Is this a break or just a “wait-for-it” moment? Also your track reminds me of Martin Garrix Virus. Maybe you can learn something from that record. His intro arp is a good example how to make a proper intro. His drop sounds clean with clearly separated layers (HIGH layer and LOW layer with both different notes).


The idea is good (2nd break) but you have to make it simpler, less is more. Separate layers a bit more and don’t use the same notes for the bassline unless your track is super catchy which is not in this case. Work a bit on the intro, first break and overall mastering/sounds.

#2 Klevis & Leo — Kids

Klevis & Leo — Kids

First play thought:

Good idea and elements but poorly executed.

The problem:

I love good future bass. The problem of this track is NOT the mastering or sounds but the lack of musicality in the 2 elements which could make this track great.

I’ve talked about this a few times already, but the thing with vocal cuts is: you can either nail it or miss it. In this case the vocal slides/cuts are not catchy at all. They are rather annoying (sorry I don’t try to sound harsh!).

This is the main idea/lead of your track so you could have the best mastering and chords in the world but if you don’t cut it right your track is not getting picked up. Imagine if you have a topline from a vocalist, you could have the best lyrics but if the melody is not catchy do you think that will work? I think the problem with the cuts you guys have is that the PART you used is not catchy and the MELODY (+the way you programmed) is not catchy. Also the chords are not really special. It doesn’t give me this “wow” feeling. The synths sounds are nice but the melody doesn’t do much to me.

For example Conro’s On My Way up has epic chords to start up, also the words “On My Way Up” are nicely cutted and programmed so it’s complimentary to the chords.

The Fix:

So, for your next track. First make a track with really good chords, then use vocal cuts to make the track even better/more special. Try to find some good cuts or maybe words so the track is recognizable. You don’t have to use recognizable words in that case try to make a cool catchy hook with vocal cuts. Keep looking for great cuts until it wow-ed you. If you don’t hear it anymore, take a 30min break and try again. To settle for the first best cut you made. Take your time, don’t be lazy!


Cool sounds and idea but you need to work on the chords and vocal cuts. Nail it or people will forget your track the minute they finished it.

#3 Birchy & Slammer: Predator ft. Nathan Brumley

Birchy & Slammer: Predator ft. Nathan Brumley

First play thought:

Ok track. Topline is a bit dark, I won’t really play this on Spotify when I’m home and I don’t really see dj’s playing this.

The problem:

I think the melody is ok but it’s not really super catchy.

The vocal topline is a bit too dark. The drop sounds a bit too aggressive.

The fix:

I think you should make it a bit more like ALARM from Olly James drop wise.

The track reminded my of Hardwell — Eclipse as well. Maybe it’s a better idea to use the first notes of the drop as break sounds and replace the first notes of the drop with a more friendly sound. So it’s opening an anthem in the break with that kind of sound. And drop wise it will go more for a Olly James — Alarm.

The melody is a bit too basic, maybe you can extend it and make more variation. It’s a bit too repetitive right now. There are some extra melody layers which make the tracks a bit more interesting but the main melody loop keeps on going which makes it boring.

Also at 2:49–2:50 your bassline gets a bit off. It even clips. The notes are too dark as well I think.


Make the drop a bit more friendly sound wise, I would go for more happy topline or vibe but if that your sound then it’s ok but this kind of tracks are really hard to sell.

Producers should always make a market fit product so it’s got a chance to get picked up. The topline combined with the whole atmosphere makes the track a very dark track which is not really my taste. If you want to make it dark then go for a bit different sound on the drop, the sound as it is right now is a bit chaotic and noisy in a bad way. Maybe make it even darker with more bass sounds instead such a high cutting synth. Maybe you can go for a more Hardwell — Eclipse approach. Use that synth in the break as main theme and go for a more electro drop.

#4 Riac — Lunar

Riac — Lunar

First play thought:

A lot of stuff is happening, I can hear some cool elements but the sounds and melody can be better.

The problem:

The voice over at 00:54 doesn’t make much sense, because 1 you don’t bring it back in the second break and 2. You can’t understand what it says. If you use this kind of documentary type of voice-over which is used a lot in hardstyle tracks and for example in Area51 make sure it’s clear what it says and if it’s well mixed.

The kick in 1:15 sounds a bit random and the fill before the drop is a bit long.

The melody in the first break is okay but not super catchy. Also the sounds are not super original anymore. The drop sounds ok but I think it’s hard to follow as there a lot of notes and the notes are not super catchy. It reminded me of Julian Calor — Space Dial.

The Fix:

Maybe you can make it more acid or make it a bit more catchy just like Julian Calor’s Space Dial. Or go for a different sound like How We Do by Hardwell & Showtek. The bottom line is that the drop needs super catchy for those kind of sounds!

I also feel like the drop melody could be a cool track idea for a break, so you have to make a new drop and use the drop melody for a break.

I don’t have much feedback other than that.


Cool idea but the hardest thing about making tracks is to make it catchy. You can have all the epic elements in the world but if it’s not catchy it just won’t work. Even in techno or tech house there’s always something catchy going on. Maybe send in a new one so I can write some more useful feedback.

That’s it guys! Thanks everyone for submitting their track and reading Part 3 of Producers Exposed. Keep sending me your track on Twitter using @sebastienlintz.

Please note, all the tracks MUST be a public Soundcloud link, everyone should learn from each others “mistakes”! If you just want to submit a demo privately the best thing to do that is to submit a demo for Revealed Recordings which I proudly represent ;)


Sebastien Lintz