Growth does not pay for Growth in San Francisco.

We hear this all the time. Rinsing my dishes today, feeling guilty about the water pouring down the drain, it came to me in a flash. Residents pay.

Our water, sewer, trash, and recycling bills are going up along with rents for one reason. Before we leave they want us to pay to expand the infrastructure needed for a much larger population. Much of this utility expansion gets lumped in with the Complete Streets programs which are being sold as traffic calming and street safety through the Vison Zero program.

Listen to the YIMBY arguments supporting upzoning, or “revaluation” by densification and affordable housing at the same time. Their solution for affordable housing is build more housing, but, they can’t agree on whether or not to repeal of Costa Hawkins.

YIMBY is at a crossroads of sorts. They have painted themselves into a political corner. They claim their goal is to build, build, build, to make housing affordable. Ms. BARF, running for office in D-6, reportedly tweeted to a SF Democratic endorsement meeting, “gentrification revalues black land to its correct price”. She tried to clarify with a less hostile statement, “gentrification resets property values to market rate,” to explain why her deep pocket supporters and followers, want to building luxury housing in blighted areas where ‘the poors’ live.

Due to the massive evictions in the area, there are a large number of street dwellers living on the doorsteps of the new residents of District 6. None of the residents we have talked to appreciate the D-6 lifestyle they are pushing on the rest of the city. Cleaning the homeless problem off the sidewalks in their neighborhood is the highest priority for the people who displaced them. Could there be a hint of guilt there?

For some reason the less than popular South of Market Plan is being held up as the model that all San Francisco neighborhoods should emulate. Everyone should share the pain. This is not a good argument.

Why would people living in an environment and community they love give up a comfortable lifestyle and embrace a less pleasant one? They are trying to convince people to give up the privacy of detached homes with yards, parking, access to familiar merchants, parks, light traffic, safe streets, schools, libraries, cafes, restaurants and bars. Many take Muni to work when it works, and love San Francisco and the freedoms it represents, including lifestyle decisions.

How can the Democratic Party that runs the City and controls the California State Legislature suggest giving up our personal rights and privileges? No wonder there is widespread support for Democratic Socialism within the party. Constituents long for more freedoms and a larger social safety net, but, the state prioritizes taking over control of local community decisions on zoning and development.

Our state legislators are not representing us or listening to our concerns. They are feeding us to their corporate masters, who are raising our utility rates to pay for the expansion of services for hordes of humanity they claim will be soon moving into our singlefamily neighborhoods whether we like it or not.