Elevenses: Favorites for December 2015

Welcome to Elevenses, a monthly round-up of my favorite articles and resources related to language, writing, editing, and freelancing.

Slate | “Teachers! Please Do Not Make Your Students Use Synonyms for Said,” I Blurted →

The title says it all. Stop barking your dialogue.

Los Angeles Times | Is It Wookie or Wookiee? The Times’ Definitive ‘Star Wars’ Style Guide →

When your classic style guide isn’t nerdy enough, the Internet will provide you with a Star Wars style guide. The A.V. Club website posted a follow-up: “There Are Two E’s in ‘Wookiee,’ Damn It.”

The Guardian | At last, a book that tells you exactly where to stick your apostrophe →

Most people I’ve worked with struggle with two punctuation marks: apostrophes and commas. (Personally, I overuse hyphens like it’s my divine calling.) This article helps explain the purpose of apostrophes — and where they belong. I look forward to ordering a copy of the related book.

Inc. | 10 Simple Tips on Being a Better Writer →

“Think about capitalization. Understand the reasons to use an apostrophe. When in doubt, go for brevity.” This article is surprisingly comprehensive given how short it is, so check it out before sending your next email, posting your next tweet, or submitting the next draft of your novel.

NYPL’s Most Popular Check-outs of 2015 →

I love year-end book lists and libraries, so this article was an instant bookmark for me. It’s a fascinating glimpse at the content that people actively sought out (from 92 libraries!) and a nice complement to my other favorite reading list — the Goodreads Choice Awards — if you’re looking for book recommendations in the new year.

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