Congrats to all our SETronauts who accompanied us this far and congrats to all newcomers who are about to join, life-changing missions are waiting! In this guide we will explain in detail how to do mission mining in the Second Earth app and how to deposit SET in the deposit box.

First of all, users need to be aware of the different types of missions available in the initial Reshaping stage:

  1. POM mission: Citizens can mine SET by completing POM missions daily. …

Through the Second Earth VR/AR add-on app “Terra-2” citizens can enter a new virtual world of endless possibilities. In the earliest version, Terra-2 will contain very basic VR and AR functions that will give users an idea about the direction of future developments. Currently, the new virtual Mirrorworld can be viewed as a whole from high altitude, but it is not possible to zoom in. Detailed virtual environments and whole virtual cities will be modeled and integrated step by step until the Mirrorworld is fully built.

The merchant registration system and virtual shopping as well as advanced VR games…

This is how the SET app launches: with a big bang!

1. Login / Registration

If you do not have the app on your phone yet, you can download it here: Currently, only Android is available. Log into the app to get started, if you did not yet register, choose “Create Account” to register a new account.

We recommend users to register with their e-mail address. After putting the e-mail address you can receive the verification code, if you do not see it in your inbox, make sure to check your spam folder. As a last step you need to put in the…

Dear fellow SETronauts and future citizenz of Second Earth, we are happy to announce the launch of registration for Second Earth for Monday August 24th, 9:30am UTC! You may watch the explainer video (see above, written transcript below) for guidance or ask any questions here or on Telegram. To receive a registration code directly from us, you have to deposit 5000 USDT to the official address firstly and send us the payment proof via email to, otherwise you have to find someone else to invite you. Thanks everyone for your patience! SET. PLVS ULTRA.

Explainer Video [written transcript]

Hello, future Second Earth…

Second Earth will be built as a next-generation virtual reality social media platform. The market for VR-related products and services, albeit still small, is growing at an exponential speed unseen since the emergence of the internet itself.

The world at your fingertips. Wherever you are.

Primary application scenario- immersive VR travel
VR technology has been recognized as an important industry in the 21st century and one that will most assuredly influence people’s lives on a fundamental level. It will enhance user experience and unleash potential synergies across dozens of industries, thereby enhancing the value of those industries, especially in games, art, design, agriculture and many other fields.

In the virtual world, there is an infinite sense of freedom, which is released when breaking away from the physical world: there is no friction, gravity, or other physical constraints that hinder people’s progress. …

Second Earth, also known as the Gaia Plan, originated from the concepts dreamed up by Kevin Kelly, the most renowned futurist today. He has been studying the concept of a “Mirrorworld” for many years. Kevin Kelly believes that the Mirrorworld will enhance the real world through a combination of physical and digital spaces, and this world has now begun to emerge. It will be mankind’s greatest achievement, creating new wealth for billions of people, and bringing new social opportunities and countless business opportunities. …

  1. Virtual Reality Technology

A. VR technology remains in simple use cases

In fact, virtual reality technology has a history that stretches back more than 50 years, but it has mostly remained in the realm of games and other simple use cases. Currently, there are still not many disruptive products emerging from this field and mobile games or PC games are still the most common way VR technology is applied. Game content and quality are constantly advancing, but the product itself lacks fundamental innovation.

A supreme AR/VR experience requires a low-latency network, but the current 4G networks cannot provide this crucial…

Virtually everything is possible. PLVS ULTRA.

Reviewing the current developments across civilization and technology, people must face reality: against a backdrop of rapid technological change, humanity has lost itself. People’s opportunities to access technology are increasing, but a sense of belonging is seeing an inverse effect. The amount of information that exists is skyrocketing, but at the same time its quality is declining. Technology has brought us closer together than ever before, yet we are drifting apart. The world in 2020 is a place marred by deep insecurity and despair, both of which are poisoning society. …

Second Earth VR

Travel and explore without boundaries. Virtually everything is possible! PLVS ULTRA.

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