Pointed — The Rise Of Generation Z

So little faith has been put into Generation Z that the bar has been set so low, it sits on the brink of non-existence: promised with the sweet anticipation of crippling student loans, shrinking job markets, and, in the supposed near future, the robotic acquisition of everything from advanced aerospace technology to stripper poles, we as Generation Z find ourselves in a gaping hole with little footing to maneuver out of.

Our name, in fact, smears more atrocities. As if the Z was added to insinuate some type of undead and lifeless atmosphere surrounding our demeanor, Gen Z has the luxury of sitting in the front row while watching the World stumble over itself on stage whilst having a procession of previous generations heckling fouls from the peanut gallery. Better stated, ask any of the older folk (I use this term lightly — anybody over the age of twenty-five qualifies as much) and we are best described as pretentious, incognizant, blatantly and utterly hopeless, and hyper sensitive to the world around us.

Personally, the last trait stung a little.

Past all this, however, is a definitive characteristic that is made prevalent when defining the next generation of humans who would inherit the Earth in due time: pointy.

As romantic as it is to think that “pointy” is just another clever jargon used to describe sharp wit and studious venture, this is not the case.

“Pointy” has manifested itself into its visual definition. Much like how a pen is integrated to fixate at a fine-tipped and exacting point, students over their high school careers have adopted the mindset to bolster their interests and strengths to the extent where it becomes nearly impossible to distinguish them without their passions. Gone are the days of the formulated-and-packaged individual who brandishes moderate understanding in all aspects; as this generation churns a more able-bodied and free-minded mass, the product fastens itself to achieve high standards in a sole subject area, a single calling, a passion. A point.

This is not to say that this generation rejects the sentiments of the outside world and fails to produce innovation — rather, the notion of such is cemented deeply in our actions. Anything with a pointed disposition is destined to make a mark in some fashion and with the multitude of “pointy people”, the question now shifts from if we can contribute to society to in what way, shape, method, or campaign.

As optimistic as this all is, an inevitable yet debilitative truth metastasizes with the hunger of success present in our generation and our “pointed-minds”: our youth.

Bear in mind the reality that we are talking about teenagers here: pointed and spear-headed teenagers yet teenagers nonetheless. There is a reason to why we are portrayed as simple minded emotional puddles of hasty judgment and that reason (as hard as this pill is to swallow) is that it is true. In all sincerity, tell me the last time you saw a 40-year-old attempt to get high off of hand sanitizer and urinate their trousers for a preteen British boy band. Go ahead and take some time to think.

Albeit gifted with the idealism and creativity of a pointed-mind, we as Gen Z carry the burden of doubt, a crippling burden in fact that garners an air of relegation and thus renounce courtesy of the older and, quite frankly, pessimistic folk.

Good thing there are lots of us.

Generation Z brandishes not only its vast array of “point people” but also the fact that is has people: millions in fact, most of which harboring a flame of passion that can only grow into a conflagration of unadulterated zeal if left to mingle with other like-minded and motivation-driven people. This flame, this spirit of concentrated action, is what drives us. The partnership, the conflation, the consequence of joint effort. Best stated, the collaboration.

But on our terms, on Generation Z’s terms, what might this feat of collaboration be depicted as? Would it look like a fleet of cubicles painted in a banal grey punctuated by the occasional fax machine? Or rather delineated as a group of fatigued colleagues braving the late hours of midnight with nothing by the impetus of caffeine coursing through their veins?

Both depictions are plausible, but I invite you to envision this: a group of young, challenge-driven, pointy individuals who have come together to produce, collaborate, and repeat. An organization , pervading from school to school to state to even countries, drawing from a pool of talent to make, create, and innovate. With every stroke of yearly events, business coordination, and “pointed prowess”, this organization would help bring Generation Z to the forefront, possibly igniting another wave of ingenuity. A dual formation, perhaps.

A SecondGen.

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