Lessons on… Getting Content Right

“To me, Breakthrough refers to those lightbulb moments — where you’ve been working and working to solve a problem for so long, and suddenly something clicks.

Usually those lightbulb moments come from asking questions of people further along in a journey than you or hearing knowledge you didn’t know before — which is exactly why these ‘Breakthrough’ talks are so important”

Corrie Jones — Founder Untapped

What is content?

  1. What you’re saying (MESSAGING)
  2. How you’re saying it (FORMAT)
  3. When you’re saying it (DISTRIBUTION)
  1. Create ‘surprise and delight’ content: do what people aren’t expecting. Example: Will Smith’s promotion for his Gemini Man movie.
  2. Don’t be afraid of ‘polarising’ content: you can’t please everyone and nor should you want to. Niche down and create content with your specific audience in mind. Example: Jasmine Star’s puppy PJs.
  3. Always take advantage of content on a ‘trending topic’: ride a wave whilst people are talking about it. Example: Peanut’s open letter to Meghan Markle.
  4. Design ‘community-first’ content: listen to your audience’s content needs and give them what they’re asking for. Example: Paws’ infographic on Christmas foods to avoid.
  • Kapwing — their tagline says it all (“where content creation happens”). A place to create videos, memes, animations and more, from easy-to-use templates.
  • Canva — a design game-changer. The best way to create visuals for your brand, no PhotoShop skills required.
  • Pixaloop — a very cool way to make your pictures move, known officially as ‘cinemagraphs’ but amongst our team as ‘Harry Potter images’.
  • Headliner — particularly useful if you’re looking to repurpose audio content into some visuals.



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