2017–03–06: should practice English, why not blog then?

Ramble about webdev and content

It’s 2017 and we are still using HTML to build websites (and desktop apps, and mobile ones).

Gladly we’ve progressed enough to understand that separating data and presentations is crucial (note how I’m avoiding model and view wordings), tho I’m yet to hear about some successful and wide used project alike Contentful. Content creators should just create content — be it writing, video or anything else, — and publish it without hassle with admin panels, CMSes and that sorta things. Probably you would give them ability to display it somehow, like a webpage, social feed or an app, but main idea is still — be content first.

Demoscene. It feels just like demoscene. Everyone just trying to create something ultra technical and fancy — be it a landing page, webapp or language which transpiles into JS, — forgetting about reasoning behind it in a first place.

Sometimes I ask myself why social networks were huge success, how they put blogs on their knees. Ability to publish content with least clicks on the webpage. What’s easier — blogspotting or tweeting? Obviously one has to have an incredible mental abilities to compress his wordings and ideas into 140 symbols, but one doesn’t need to choose a template and hope that it’s loading time is short enough (also one can tweet more than one tweet).

By the way Twitter official app is unusable. Promoted tweets all around, “while you were away” and “this might interest you” nonsense, all of which just defy the point of being able just read content in logical way. Just do this, Twitter:

  • Create paid app or subscription service which will free users of promoted tweets while generating income for you.
  • Move all out-of-timeline staff into different view (swipe somewhere or anything else) like you did with cards.

Everyone will be happy. You can even show promoted tweets for paid subscribers in different swipable view. I did pay for Plume (unofficial Twitter client) just because of elegant, short and working timeline.

Back on track of subj. I’ve had to Google “best blogging platform” just to discard nearly everything until Medium. Well, this seems to be content-centric enough to just work.

Check Backbone.js — drop some data into template, gg, it works, you got your block on the page.

Just make some extendible standard for every type of content and let users just drop their content — and you, my friend, will rock future web.