5 Tips to Win at Hyperlocal Marketing

Hyperlocal marketing is here to stay. Its implementation is vital for companies to position their brand in the market within reach of their users.

We already said it in an earlier post, Hyperlocal Marketing: The web trend that is soaring in 2017:

Mobile keeps growing, which keeps Google refining its search results. The hyperlocal trend is booming among consumers, which is forcing business owners to design ways to guide customers by considering their current location.

Nowadays, buyers do not want to waste their time going in and out of stores. With the help of their tablets and mobile phones, customers prefer to research the places they want to visit, checking their products, services, benefits as well as comparing prices. The company that provides what the user wants and that is closer to her current location is usually the first one taken into account. This is where the hyperlocal search makes its triumphal entrance.

Hyperlocal targeting brings a significant advantage to any company that implements it. It helps them keep up with the needs of their audience and most importantly to meet them as fast as possible so that they can win a new customer. If the online presence of your brand is not well positioned or your website has not been optimized, the growth of your business will be affected.

Learn how to use hyperlocal marketing in your company.

Here are five essential tips to help you take advantage of this localization tool and highlight your business on the map:

1. Master the basics

The success of your marketing strategy will depend on whether your Google My Business page is created correctly. We recommend filling all the fields with relevant information about your business. Don’t forget to include high-quality photographs so that your potential new customers can visualize your company. Your Google profile will determine how your business appears on search engines, specifically on the local level. Each item you add to your Google My Business page will increase the value to your business and help guide your audience, through the hyperlocal classification. Also, don’t forget to ask your customers to write reviews about their experience in your business. That will give you a good reputation and will increase the positioning of your business.

2. Focus on your city and elements of interest in the area

Localized website content is beneficial for positioning your company. Generate website content that relates to places of interest for those living in the area. For example, if you have a restaurant in Washington D.C., your audience might be looking for “restaurants near the White House,” take advantage of the local benchmarks that are most representative to your potential customers and use them to your advantage.

3. Does your company have branches? Create a local landing page for each one.

Developing a local landing page for each of your business locations will exponentially increase your web presence. This way you can generate content more representative to your audience, considering their interests in each area. Always remember to use keywords and specific data like the name of the city, postal code, landmarks, etc. to optimize your website and attract more traffic.

4. Include structured data markups related to your business on your content pages

We recommend you incorporate structured data markups or schema markups into your website. It will be easier to specify some business attributes like the type of business, the opening hours, latitude and longitude, contact information, etc. Keep in mind that in Google Maps or the local 3-pack, users can filter information to fit specifically what they want to find. Therefore, by facilitating the correct data, the appearance of your business will be easier when customers are searching.

5. Track your progress on a local level

While optimizing the content of your website, be sure to keep track of the progress within the right location. Monitor each page in search engine results so you can make the necessary changes. To do this, check the rankings of keywords concerning to the location you prefer, the more accurate they are, the faster you will approach your potential customers.

Incorporating these tips into the local strategy of your company will give your business a strong web presence, attracting more customers to your business and growing your brand.

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