Eight ways to transform your site from traditional to trendy

How boring life would be if every single sunset were just as the same as the last one. A brand’s performance loses its value when it gets predictable. How often do you refresh your website image? Maybe it is time for a site redesign, but be very careful, not all changes guarantee success.

Check the eight things you must consider if getting a contemporary website is your primary goal this 2017:

RESPONSIVE DESIGN: Years ago people had to adapt to website platforms, now digital sites must adapt to people’s needs. Website design and its development must respond to the user’s behavior; this is what we call responsive web design. Elements such as screen size, platform, background images and content organization are features that must be handled with great care. Responsiveness is a “must have” feature when designing a website.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Static images are becoming less eye-catching. However, it is important to consider that managing imagery of excellent photographic quality continues getting positive impacts on customers’ perception. The use of full-width images slider has also become very trendy these days. Larger and flashy images usually generate in the audience the need to stop a moment and observe the picture in detail, to continue scrolling on the site. Actions like this one lead visitors to convert with more frequency.

SCROLLING: scroll and pop-up effects remain at the top of website design trends this 2017. Visitors love the interaction and the sensation of discovery when visiting a website. Dynamism while scrolling down the site is addictively comfortable to customers.

VIDEO: Videos represent handy tools, not only to personalize your brand but also to generate closeness with the visitors and capture their attention. One of the most popular trends is the use of video backgrounds, which allow us to have the feeling that we are not missing a single detail while visiting the website. Everything is a matter of movement nowadays; static background images went out of style.

TYPOGRAPHY: Typography represents a useful element to create uniformity in websites. Fonts provide identity to brands and companies. The leading web design trends for 2017 seek to manage the same design line, in which uniformity is the key. Knowing how to make the most of the typography can help you not only to get a message across, but also to capture your visitor’s’ attention and guide them to different sections of the site. Bold fonts, for example, are gaining an outstanding popularity. This type of font is simple but eye-catching, as well as aesthetically friendly in plain sight.

TEXT: What you say is important and how you say it even more. Cross the barrier of the standard practices and be creative. Mixing horizontal and vertical text gives a sense of dynamism that causes visitors to check the information. While web designs can be linear, playing with directions can give a fresh touch to your web page. Remember always keep it simple; less is more. Use short but direct texts that give clear messages.

LAYOUTS: Layouts are decisive to build an affinity between the audience and the website. Vivid color layers generate a feeling of depth while pattern layers produce texture sensation. Card-design layout is still one of the most popular web design practices this 2017. Popularized by Pinterest, the simplicity, organization, flexibility, and responsiveness generated by this style of layout, still, places it among the favorites when it comes to website design. All this without leaving aside the use of split-screen layouts that add dynamism and audience control to what visitors want to see. Experimental-compositions layouts are getting very trendy too. Why following a straight line when designing? Adapt the space and organize your site according to your needs and creative style.

COLOR: A balanced color use is essential. The current trend tilted to monochromatic colors. The contrast between neutral and bright colors generates different effects that can be used to create more efficient CTAs (Call to Actions), as well as head the customers during the website visit. The use of bright color gradients has also been positioning itself in website design trends during this 2017.

Now you know. There is no excuse for your site not to be trendy this year. Take a step forward towards innovation. Let your website stand out by keeping in tune with the most modern web design trends is easy, useful and moneymaking.

And then remember, keep optimizing your site towards conversion. We at Second Crew, cannot stress enough the importance of blending aesthetics with optimization. It has to look beautiful, but it also has to make money.

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