Secret Sessions artist Alyusha features in ME by Melia Hotels’ campaign ‘The Switch'

Working with ME by Melia produced a great result for this Secret Sessions artist!

Here at Secret Sessions we’re passionate about curating great music experiences in interesting locations.

We know music can not only transform a space, but the more places we pop up, the more we can connect with new audiences that might not otherwise hear our artists. Forward thinking hotel brands can provide a unique offering – especially when they have a backdrop as stunning as ME London.

ME by Melia is the uber-cool younger sibling of leading travel brand Melia Hotels International. ME by Melia has 8 locations across the world including Madrid, Mallorca, Milan, Ibiza, Miami, Cabo, Cancun, and of course, London… it’s 336 – 337 The Strand if you fancy checking it out!

Central to ME London’s appeal is the trendy Radio Rooftop Bar, which pays host to breathtaking views of the capital’s skyline.

Radio Rooftop Bar @ Me London

ME by Melia are putting faces to the many different types of contemporary traveller that the hotels cater for through a campaign called ‘The ME Scene’.

The campaign website introduces its viewers to creatives such as photographers, designers, actors and of course musicians! Enter Secret Sessions.

Digital agency Eight & Four contacted Secret Sessions looking for a suitable artist to represent the ME by Melia brand.

FEED Films — along with director 41 Blackford — were enlisted to produce a playful piece of interactive content called ‘The Switch’. Here we see two young (and completely gorgeous) travellers have their suitcases switched at the airport, with the story eventually culminating in a twist taking place at ME London.

Secret Sessions were asked for an artist who could appear in the campaign and whose music we could clear for use in the content.

Looking to our community of over 1,000 quality artists, we presented the brand with a list of 10–15 that best met the brief. From producers and rappers to indie bands and pop singers, as always, there was a unique mix for our client to choose from.

FEED were looking for a sonic and visual fit, and quickly settled on singer/songwriter Alyusha. It’s easy to see why. She is effortlessly cool and her electro pop jam ‘Moshi Moshi’ is a pure underground banger. Alyusha has been compared to international stars such as Bjork, Little Dragon and Massive Attack — check out her tunes on Spotify and you’ll hear why.


Alyusha commented:

‘ME by Melia is a future-facing brand and The Switch really struck a chord with me. When writing and producing ‘Moshi Moshi’, I never in a million years would have imagined such an experimental piece of music being used in a commercial, but it’s a testament to their creativity and fearlessness.’

You can read the ME by Melia interview with Alyusha here.

Forward thinking Eight and Four decided to add a live element to the project. In mid-February ME London were to host the wider business’s global social conference, where international brand teams would come together to plan, present and eventually… party.

Doing what we do best, Secret Sessions would bring the music. We put together a surprise performance designed to leave viewers thinking they had stumbled upon it by chance.

Flanked by her accompanying band consisting of a live DJ and drummer, Alyusha played a stunning set including the track of the moment ‘Moshi Moshi’. The ME by Melia team and guests recognised the track from their recent work, joining in with raised hands under the perfect London skyline.

The inaugural partnership between Secret Sessions and ME by Melia allowed us to support our client via two of our key elements; providing music for campaigns (sync) and live performance.

Most important of all was, of course, Alyusha. Creating these sorts of paid development opportunities for amazing new artists like her is what we live for… She’s a brilliant musician and we are thrilled we’ve been able to support her in this way.

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