7 Common Business Security Mistakes You Must Avoid

Having a secure flow of operations is key to running a successful business, regardless of the industry the business serves. A professional security firm with a clear understanding of how to manage security services with the right people, technology, and experience will safeguard a business interests and protect them from potential threats. Businesses with an inhouse security team usually do not have enough resources to invest in proper training and technology; furthermore they do not possess the experience to for see potential threats in advance.

Here are the 8 most common mistakes businesses make when it comes to Security:

#1 Misidentified Their Security Needs

Businesses owners generally under-estimate the importance of security, therefore end up misidentifying their security needs. One of the most critical mistakes a company can make when it comes to security issues is misidentifying their security need. It takes a professional with years of experience to accurately identify a business’s security need. Once those needs are identified, proper solution options needs to be presented to the business owner so he can chose the option that is most feasible for his/her operation.

#2 Lack of Maintenance of Security Systems

Lack of maintenance of your security systems is a frequent oversight by business owners. Improper check-ups can cost your business major loss if not done often. It’s generally broken wires, cut cords and inaccurate set up that causes the most damages. To prevent such issues, monthly checkups and proper maintenance is encouraged all the time.

#3 Lack of a Screening Policy

One thing we see throughout many businesses is the lack of enforcing a screening policy. Businesses that do not enforce this policy are putting themselves at a great security risk. Not knowing who is working at your businesses can cause a lot of damage in the future. To prevent this from occurring, we encourage employers to have a proper screening policy that includes criminal background checks, contacting all of their references and having copies of their certificates and credentials on file.

#4 Unsecured Access Point

Another mistake we see all the time is having unsecured access points throughout the businesses. In order to save the business a few dollars, generally, managers only secure one location (usually the main entrance/ exit way) without paying much attention to the rest. Negligence in these areas is only putting businesses at risk, nothing more. We encourage business owners and managers to have the best equipment securing these areas and if possible, have guards posted there as well.

#5 Not Prioritizing Security

Business owners and managers are usually negligent in prioritizing security matters and don’t see security as a serious concern until they experience a damaging loss. As a business owner, you’re giving your customers, employees and management a guarantee of security. We recommend that instead of waiting until a crisis hits you and your business, invest in a proper security team who’s trained and well equipped for the task they are up to.

#6 Not Enforcing ID Requirements

Not knowing who is on your business property is a significant business risks that too many management teams and business owners’ for-go. Not enforcing id requirements prevents businesses from knowing vital information, allowing people on the property to engage in activities without being known, ultimately leading to the possibilities of theft, liability, and burglary. Enforcing ID Requirements such as badges and ID Cards will allow business owners/ employees to know who is doing what, at all times. This is something that should be enforced among everyone in the company, from janitorial and delivery staff to top management and executives. Excluding certain groups of people from these requirements will only create loop holes for others to get in.

#7 Hiring the wrong Security Company

There are so many benefits of hiring a professional security guard company for your business but hiring the wrong security company can come with a lot of headaches for your business. This usually occurs when your management team doesn’t thoroughly investigate the potential security providers prior to hiring them.

Here are the best steps to take accurately investigate a Security Company.

a) Research the Security Company on Social Media & Review websites— Checking social media sites like Facebook & Yelp allows potential customers to see how past customers have reviewed the services a Security Company provides.

b) Ask for References — If a Security Company is taking care of its other clients, they are more likely to take diligent care of you once you become a client.

c) Meet the Guards — Interviewing a Sales Team member from a security company is one thing, interviewing their security personnel is another thing. Ask your guard service provider if you can interview potential security guards to make sure they fit your brand culture and business environment.

Regardless of how long a business has been operating or how many people are on the management team, businesses are prone to making mistakes. However, the tips above will help prevent certain issues that would occur in businesses throughout any industry.

Author Bio: Ahmad Hamidi is an author and editor at Secure Guard Security Services, a leading security guard service provider in California region.