Customers’ reactions to payments on your website

Have you ever wondered why potential customers abandon their shopping carts? Maybe it’s because of payments on your website?

Today, we’re doing you a favour and are here to tell you how customers feel when they see a cheesy payment form on your website.

Here are the most common client’s reaction to payments on your site when…

1. … you redirect them to an external service to pay

How are customers supposed to know they are really paying you? They are redirected to a website with a completely different logo, design, and URL. They feel LOST. And CONFUSED. It goes without saying that they don’t complete the payment process.


No one likes nosey people so why are you acting like this?

2. … you ask for too much information

Think about your customers. They are on your website, having finally found the must have T-shirt and have to face a LOOOONG payment form with ten or more fields to fill in.


Didn’t anybody tell you to just ask the essentials? Put a form on your website with just 3 fields: a card number, expiration date, and CVV.

I know you’re tempted to add more, but don’t you dare! (OK, you can add more fields, but ONLY when you need delivery details, etc.)

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3. …they need to overcome a multi-step checkout

Seriously? They’ve spent the time to find a clown sweater and are ready to buy it, but then you decide to give them the 8-step checkout process? And yes, 5 steps are still too much for the average impatient customer.


And know what? You can embed a super powerful one-page payment form into your website with the entire process. Wondering how? Check out this link.

4. … they have no option to pay with cards

You did your best to hide payments on your website and when a customer finally finds it… you don’t even give him/her a chance to pay with their plastic.


Some quick stats: Credit and debit cards are the most popular online payment methods. And you still don’t have that option on your website. Maybe it’s time to change that?

5. …they can‘t pay in their local currency

C’moooon! You sell globally and don’t provide customers with the option to pay in various currencies in your checkout?


Consider adding the most popular currencies to meet your customer’s expectation. Otherwise, you risk them abandoning their carts. Again!

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Originally published at on October 31, 2016.