Can we scale love?

by Seda Röder

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The 21st century is all about scaling, it’s about speed. It’s about the pace in which we learn to deal with an ever changing environment. We have no time to lose.

Time is not scalable… We know that. In fact it might be the only thing we can’t scale… at least in the foreseeable future.

So we rush within the triangle of check>>validate>>move-on. We rush through work, we rush through life and relationships…

We even invented “speed dating”, to accelerate love.

Ooh! The adorable paradox of the modern society! The bright age of saving time through intellectual and technological plenty, but the dark age of using that time on things that matter.

Why should I be turning my attention to the ones sitting right next to me if I might as well reach 50+ likes? The urge is hard to fight.

Time is not scalable. We agreed upon that. But what if love is? Maybe the technology made us believe just that?…