Bye Bye, America
umair haque

Why do you people always have a negative pessimistic outlook at first I thought a bleeding heart liberal who hates anything not exactly their way.

Then after reading I saw your name and went no wonder are any of you happy with america always whining america is what you make it if you love people not just your people and go do something positive america can be great.

Simple do not like it go to britain or saudi perhaps that will make you whiners happy.

Shame on you america existed before you were born and will long after you are dead go encourage people not knock them down yes the leaders are corrupt but so are all the other crooks calling them selves politicians.

Lets be clear the pope is does come with horrible actions from the past how many kids died while he sat there collecting $$$ for rome pedofile rumours he just forgave 200 pervert priests.

Now what about the other leaches in NATO living off the back of america.

America has been paying the global bill for so long this is why america is in decline just like those who come to america to get a free ride.

Modern humans are nothing but leeches and millennials are the most useless human to ever live lets be honest whiners and babies

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