Getting External Power to Your GoPro Omni

The Core SWX HyperCore 98S (left) and the GoPro Omni (right)

If you bought the GoPro Omni (rig only) 360 video rig, you most likely own six or more GoPros and have produced some 360 video. The rig only version is great option for those of us who have been producing 360 video and already have the stitching software.

There is one big thing missing from this kit — power.

The all inclusive Omni comes with GoPros, external power from Switronix, the GoPro remote, MicroSD memory cards and USB cables.

The more expensive GoPro Omni (all inclusive) comes with a reliable external powersolution.

So what about us rig only customers?

Well, Switronix has most of these products availible (you can read my full Omni start up guide here), but two are not coming out until after Labor Day.

Here is a list of the Omni external power that comes with the all inclusive rig:

  • Core SWX Hypercore-98S Battery (B&H — $317.00)
  • Core SWX GP-S V-mount battery plate with integrated mounting clamp (not available until mid-September)
  • Core SWX GP-LS Battery Charger (B&H — $325.46)
  • Core SWX XP-DV-5GPR 12V to 5V DC converter cable (PowerTap to 2.5 x 5.5mm) (not available until mid-September)
The Core SWX HyperCore 150S ($468) gives you 6 hours of run time as opposed to the 98S which comes with the all inclusive Omni giving you only 4 hours of run time.

If you would like to be notified of the new Core SWXproduct availabilities email them here:

After you email Core SWX, they will put you on their list send out product availabilities relating to the GoPro Omni rig.

I will be testing out these products, specifically with time lapse 360 production in September with the larger Core SWX battery — the HyperCore 150S.

If you have any questions, feel free to send them via Twitter, Facebook Message or Email.

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