Bujjo Crowdinvesting Pitch

The bone broth craze may be pass it’s peak, but true long lasting successors don’t need hype to succeed. ‘Bujjo’( “A casual flirt with a Swedish slang term for broth”-Identityworks) is a brand of bone broth that is starting to make it’s rounds in the Scandinavian community.

For those that has been living strictly in the solid foods world, bone broth was one of last year’s hottest food trend. It’s nutritious, homely, and an absolute delight when served hot during cold weathers. A comprehensively good read up on it is on PaleoLeap. In short, they are supercharged chicken soups. Recent trends have seen bone broth packaged in Keurig cups (K cups) as mentioned in this Huffington post’s article. What a way to make something healthy, something poisonous.

The interesting fact about Bujjo is it’s ingredients. 100% organic! (Number Alert!) It seems to be completely sustainable as ingredients are sourced from organic products that would otherwise be thrown away (the ugly and weird looking vegetables). I do remember being taught the wisdom that caterpillars choose the most nutritious and sweetest leaves to eat. Those are the leaves that will originally be thrown, but now it’s used to make an incredibly nutritious bone broth, Bujjo!

Here is a short video in English that best describes what I’m saying.

I love how everyone seemingly wins. A business model of great innovation and value.

Note: The video is on Scandinavian Organics, and not Bujjo. Read on to find out the difference.

What i find unexciting about Bujjo:

Soups aren’t filling. They are not meals. They can compliment meals, they can be a snack, but they aren’t meals. They aren’t really doing anything exciting by offering hot soups in cups.

As a convenient on-the-go food product for the masses, there is high possibility of the broth’s getting frozen for transportation and needing microwaving to reheat for consumption. That drops nutrition values drastically. Mass production on such scale often relates to alternatives used which may dilute the original selling point of Bujjo. Exports on a mass scale may lead to a dangerous slide down in terms of quality.

What i find exciting about Bujjo:

It’s Scandinavian. How often do you come into close range of Scandinavian food/taste? Bujjo is how you get it.

As a follow up to the points i made on why Bujjo is unexciting, I can be improved greatly. Everyone knows soups goes well with rice or bread. Having rice in the soup gives it more credibility as a meal. I know I’ll enjoy the fact my mouth gets to experience varying textures while drinking it down.

As for bread, I hardly see any reason why Bujjo shouldn’t consider a bread bowl innovation. Or simply using bread as a lid. The moisture from the soup could soften the bread while getting heated up and makes for lesser waste, while being a better meal. Simple innovation, but mad food science and taste testing behind it.

Hot soup for cold weather. What about chilled soup for hot weather? It will be nice to see Bujjo offering seasonal soups. No one can drink the same soup for any prolonged period of time. Change is needed. This article has an interesting article on chilled soups for hot weather.

Cool as a cucumber during summers.

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